“Your business can go further, faster with ActionCOACH Campus.

Lee Iben, Firm Owner, ActionCOACH Campus

Meet Your ActionCOACH Campus Team


It's been proven that there are six consistent steps or "building blocks" that need to be cultivated in order to build a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without you. If you do it on your own, the process typically takes twenty years. With a Certified Business Coach the same goal can be achieved in approximately five years!

Although you can choose to take the scenic route, savvy business owners often choose to hire a coach so they can start enjoying other personal pursuits sooner.

Meet the ActionCOACH Campus experts below!

Lee Iben

Firm Owner | Executive Business Coach

As a Certified Business Coach and DiSC Practitioner, Lee is committed to working with business owners, executives, and management teams within the local community. Lee brings over 35 years' experience in small business to his role as a coach and his coaching sessions focus on building skills in ingenuity, resourcefulness and business acumen.

Dr. Alex Cahill

Business Research Analyst

Dr. Cahill's research focuses on community growth and engagement with particular interests in individual resilience and supportive structures. As a performance practitioner for nearly 10 years, Alex works with companies to develop team dynamics, leadership development, and effective behavioral applications of communication.

Niko Iben

Certified Business Coach

Trained as a secondary education instructor, Niko transitioned into the ranks of university corporate leadership focusing on efficiency standardization via data analysis. As a coach, he leads organizational effectiveness through proven team and individual awareness techniques.